Architecture Diagram

Infrastructure as code (IaC)

The inspiration for this prototype and article came from lab which shows step by step instructions to develop the whole application using AWS Console. Using UI to create infrastructure only works in classroom but in real world it causes all the problems which gave rise to the concept of Infrastructure as code (IaC).

  • IaC helps to automate the infrastructure deployment process in a repeatable, consistent manner.
  • IaC allows you to spin up an entire infrastructure by running a script.
  • IaC completely standardizes the setup of instrastructure so there is reduced possibility of any errors or…

As I learned from open source community about CI/CD and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) I felt need to share my own experience with those who are starting their learning journey, making it slightly easier for them by explaining the following:

  1. The importance of using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) — Configuration needed to build, deploy and setup web application are part of github repository which is used to demonstrate the concepts in this article. This means that there is (almost) no manual configuration required to create CI/CD and infrastructure.
  2. The possibility to simplify development to production workflow by using Github and…

Awsome Combination

The reputation of rapid app. development with Flutter while using Firebase as database and maintaining single source code to maintain for both Android and iOS led me to find how it works. Now that I have it working, the aim of this tutorial is save others from problems I faced. App is very simple it just shows a value saved in database.

Creating App Create starter Flutter app to increment counter. …

Final output of Football game

This tutorial is second and final part of the previous tutorial where basic concepts were explained and foundation was laid for this game.

The best way to deal with bigger projects is to break it into small tasks. Football game can be broken into following tasks:

Load global game object with configuration including plugin required to detect collision for matter.js objects. Basic template is created based on part-1. It defines game configuration as object literal and pass it as parameter to global game object. It loads images for ball, goal posts and players in memory so that when objects are…

Bezier curve, the creation of Pierre Bézier, opens up unlimited possibilities for the artists in terms of what can be created. The work which inspired the creation of Bezier Art Maker is

and Playing with Phaser Tweens and Bezier curves in phaser 3. The goal of Bezier Art Maker is to create an intuitive tool for making art using Bezier curves. The user of the tool doesn’t need to know the complexities of how the tool works which makes creating art more fun and accessible enabling people of any age to be an artist.

Creation of this tool started…

There is so much fun in playing with javascript physics engine once you get hooked into it, it is difficult to stop. There is a satifying feeling when avirtual world responds to the user’s actions that one keeps on going. This is especially true for a beginners as they see their code doing more than what they expected it to do.

Matter.js is one of the most popular 2D physics engines which is easy to learn and can be used with few lines of code. With Phaser 3.0 framework support for matter.js it becomes even more easier to create 2D…

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